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Expressive Movement







This weekly class on Saturdays at Trinity St. Paul’s United Church (Bloor & Spadina) from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm introduces The Conscious Body a practice to improve the quality and happiness of our lives.

The intention of the class is to create a safe and comfortable space with individual support to allow ease in developing body awareness.

The focus of the class is on ‘expressive movement’ and the body/mind connection. We shall explore these fundamentals with music, movement, voice and stillness.

Warm-Up will use ¾ time music that allows for a full even breath and a slow increase in range of motion. We will then explore various dance styles through the wonderful expressions of world music.

Finally we work on the core of the body and engage a relaxation response through Yoga & Pilates ending with a guided meditation and connecting to the infinite light of universal energy.

Saturdays @ 11:00 am
Trinity St. Paul’s United Church
427 Bloor St. West

(Bloor & Spadina)

***Space is limited, please contact us to register and reserve your place.

For more information contact: T.S. (Tim) White, RYT @ The Serene Way (dot) com

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